While Charleston County (comprised of more than a dozen municipalities) encompasses a large swath of land situated on the South Carolina coast, and the City of Charleston covers several areas beyond the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, Charleston Proper means only one thing: the historic downtown peninsula. With its grand hotels, fine dining, acclaimed shopping and one-of-a-kind historic and cultural attractions, it is the urban heart and soul of the city. Also home to many fine residences — some that date back to the 1700s — the downtown area is like no other big city. Surrounded by water and brimming with jobs, but devoid of high-rise buildings and massive expanses of concrete, the Holy City’s church steeples define its skyline. Folks who live on the peninsula enjoy the walkable layout of the city and have easy access to points beyond, such as the airport, area beaches, rural outings and even more shopping opportunities, via Interstates 26 and 526 and Highways 17 and 61.

Popular Neighborhoods